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All of the websites and web apps here are mobile-responsive. That means that they automatically adjust their layout, content, and navigation to maximize functionality and to look good on any internet-enabled device, regardless of screen size.

Georgia Manufacturing Calendar
A user subscription calendar for manufacturing events in Georgia
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  • User enrollment functionality allows subscribers to receive email alerts for event types they select.
  • Event hosts post their upcoming events, collect event registrations, and track viewers.
  • Advertisers upload ad graphics and configure them to target viewers by event type, and track impressions and click-throughs.
  • Enrolled subscribers, event hosts, and advertisers utilize a customizable dashboard for their accounts.
  • Site visitors can search upcoming events by date, event type, and keywords.

It's 4 Cell
A service that delivers "more info" by text message (currently in beta)
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  • Allows for-sale signs a convenient way to deliver more info to passersby via their cell phones.
  • Users can sign up to build a detail page and assign it a "cell-it" code.
  • When interested buyers text a visable "cell-it" code to 4CELL, they receive a text response that contains a web page URL with the seller's photos, details, and contact info.
  • Sellers get instant text notifications when a potential buyer has texted for more info.
  • See an example by texting INFO to 4CELL (42355) on your cell phone now.

Prayer Ripple
A church administrator's prayer request list management tool
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  • Organization administrators can enroll to register the prayer requests of their faith communities.
  • Each prayer receives a unique link that be published with the prayer request as it is distributed to the faith community.
  • Respondents can click the link to indicate they have prayed.
  • Prayers are counted by the system, and the prayer total is shown to those who click the link to have their prayer counted.

MM Systems ePricing
Architectural metal products quoting system
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  • Registered sales representatives can log in and produce printer-friendly quotes for potential customers.
  • Complicated product configurations, line items, and quote sections can be dragged and dropped in a "What you see is what you get" document interface, to provide maximum quote display flexibility.
  • Printer-friendly PDFs are generated and emailed to customers automatically.
  • Quote statuses can be tracked, and "won" quotes are inserted into the company's internal fulfillment systems.
  • Several layers of adminstrative roles govern permissions and options available to representatives and managers.

50 Floor
A retail flooring company website
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  • Complete branding package included site design, logo design, corporate branding, and even the composition and recording of a jingle for radio and tv advertising. Tip: Desktop users can click the play button on the home page in the upper right to hear the jingle.
  • Interested buyers can schedule an in-home appointment online.
  • Website leads trigger email alerts, and a database backup ensures no leads are lost.
  • Customers can also submit reviews that appear on the website, after administrator approval.

Intek Construction Products
A commercial construction products company website
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  • This site boasts a parallax design style, which utilizes the full width of any screen, and pins the header navigation to the top of the browser.
  • Customers can complete a detailed feedback page to request a quote.
  • A customized project gallery features vivid photos and past project information.

Georgia Manufacturing Alliance
An organization website to serve the manufacturing industry in Georgia
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  • Customers can list their Georgia company in the alliance's business directory.
  • Events from the Georgia Manufacturing Calendar (discussed above) are automatically displayed on pages at this site.
  • The parallax design of the landing pages is used to give wide screens a full view of each sub-site section.
  • Integration with Constant Contact supports event registration and management.

FireStop Mobile Inspection Web App
Designed for iPad, this web app allows technicians to walk through a building and perform a number of fireproofing installation and inspection tasks.
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  • Installers can tap to register pipe penetrations on a blueprint interface on an iPad as they walk through a building.
  • After installation, inspectors can register inspection data using the same blueprint interface.
  • Installers can mobile-print labels using iPad's AirPrint capability to apply to the actual fireproof penetrations on-site.
  • Photos can be taken using the iPad to supplement the blueprint interface.
  • Designed for use on an iPad, this is a great example of how a Web app can be as good, or better than a mobile app. (learn about web apps vs. mobile apps)

LaKritz Adler Real Estate Development
Corporate website for a Washington, D.C. area property developer
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  • Aggressive search engine optimization (SEO) and schema coding campaigns have produced favorable search results for this site.
  • A simplified design style emphasizes a high-end and professional image.
  • A robust press section and projects section serve to support this company's good reputation.

MM's Freight Rate Application
A single input page returns the freight rates from multiple carriers
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  • An input page collects origin, destination, weights, and classes for a given shipment.
  • The web application queries three different shipping companies via their backend interfaces to obtain pricing.
  • The pricing results are displayed side-by-side, and the lowest priced carrier is flagged.

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